First Session of the year

You ever get one of those pinches in your lower back that just cripples you from even taking a step? I got one of those about a week before the new year and it’s been bothering me a little less each day. I’ve been trying to do stretches, using Skater Balm, resting, and doing a lot of pouting since it’s so cold and of course haven’t been able to skate.

I turned down a trip to the skate park last Friday but changed plans to give it a shot on Monday, New years Day, which happened to fall on a Skatosis Monday. We recorded our show and took off to the park for a few hours. My back was feeling pretty good, but I was nervous to see if it could take a good spill, or just allow me to run out of a trick if I needed to bail. I ended up taking a few runs in the bowl and washed out on something minor and bonked my head a bit, but good for me I was wearing my helmet. I ended up just taking it easy the rest of the time and did some filming since my back overall felt pretty decent.

Despite the nerves I did have one of the best feelings when I walked into the shop and saw Skater Balm in the case with a little note from Bill…

So even at the tender age of 46, know that you can still go skate on New Years Day, just like you did when you were a kid!

Here’s a link to the podcast Aaron and I recorded on Monday: Skatosis #76

And here’s an edit from our trip to Cream City later that same day.