Boy City!

When I started up ODS I knew I wanted to create a brand that I could use to show off some of my professional skills within a subject that I love. Skateboards, stickers, shirts, and a podcast were all on the list. I also knew I wanted to create a weekly video to accompany the podcast, so that I could document my progress mostly, but also to help with SEO for the brand. I hadn’t considered doing a real skateboarding video like most other skateboarding brands or skate shops do, but as we kept producing weekly content, I started taking the filming a bit more serious and started saving some of the better clips from each week in hopes of collecting enough to come up with a decent video of me and my crew. I never really had a release date in mind either as I started “stacking clips”, but with the winter taking over and limiting our outdoor skating possibilities, I thought it’d be a good time to see what I had and give it a go. All in all I ended up with about 40 minutes of video that I started trimming from and the final edited version comes in at a tight 16 minutes showcasing 5 of us.

My weekly video edits are almost exclusively created on my iPhone with iMovie, simply for the ease of use and accessibility. It’s very easy to crank content out that way, but I wanted this project to be done with a lot more attention to detail, and I especially wanted to edit the footage to music like the pros do. I’ve done some editing in Final Cut Pro, but not enough to be fluent, and so this project was also a way for me to hone my skills for another project I’ve been letting sit around for too long.

I’ve had over 60 guys come through the barn for a session, but the main dudes that have made the effort to go on trips, or come out to the barn more often now have a reference for their 2017 year of skateboarding. And ever since I created this skate space here on the farm and have all these dudes that come out to skate, it was my wife who called this place, Boy City.

Old Dude Skate Co. is the embodiment of a skateboarding graphic designer in his forties, expressing his passion with his tools. From decks, stickers and shirts, to podcasts, video clips and movies, I create content for Old Dudes that Skate. So join me and the Barn Burner Crew on a skateboarding adventure around Wisconsin and Colorado as we celebrate our best clips of 2017. Ever since I built a ramp in my barn, and this crew of mine has continued to grow, my wife has many times called this place Boy City.


Old Dude Skate Co presents
Boy City

Filmed & Edited
by Drew Domkus

Additional Filmers
Aaron Monte
Dawn Miceli
Josh Meekey
Brady Miller
Karl Soderstrom
Jody Coronado
Loggan Plummer

Drew: Big Up Yourself / Lyle Workman
Andrew: Yacht 10 / Ethan Schreiber @h3llo3than
Tyler: Party Like It’s 2013 / Man DeLorean
Hunter: The Ollie Grind / Solomon Jumbo David
Aaron: Money Everyday / Stelio Marshall STEL LEO
Courtesy of FaceBook Sound Collection
Credits: In the Shadow of the Fallen / Witchfane

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